Daniel Rushing for Grover Beach City Council, District 2

At all times, but especially in these times, we need leaders who listen, learn, and are open to honest conversations about our future as a community. Our city has made great progress recovering from the depths of the COVID pandemic, but there is so very much more to do in the months and years to come. I am running for reelection to the Grover Beach City Council to make sure we stick to the best path and continue striving to make our city the best it can be.

Who is Daniel Rushing?

Daniel was appointed to the City Council in the spring of 2021. In his time on Council he has served on the boards of REACH, Visit SLO Cal and the Zone 3 (Lopez Lake) Advisory Committee.

He is a California native, an 18 year resident of Grover Beach and has worn a variety of hats over the years of his career... all of which led him to this point in life's journey.

He has worked in marketing, and copyrighting. He spent years in kitchens working in local restaurants and as a personal chef, and spent nearly 15 years as a wholesale sales representative and sales manager to our local restaurant and wine community.

In 2021 Daniel took the leap to follow his heart and accepted a position as a fundraiser for a local non-profit organization, providing local youth with after-school programs and mentorship throughout Northern Santa Barbara and SLO Counties.

Together with his wife and daughter, Daniel loves attending concerts in the park, hiking, painting, cooking and connecting with his Grover Beach neighbors.

Why is he running for reelection?

It is Daniel's honor to serve his community on the Grover Beach City Council. As a council member he has:

  • Helped maintain a balanced budget with ample reserves.

  • Set in place plans to ensure water resiliency for our community for years to come with the Central Coast Blue Water reclamation project.

  • Worked to amend and update our codes to allow for increased housing density and ease our community's housing shortage

  • Helped create more affordable housing options, including approving a new 53 unit affordable housing complex

  • Authorized the purchase and ground lease of a future transitional housing project for our community's unhoused population

  • Supported multiple non-profit and local-business grants and programs to help our community heal from the trauma of the COVID-19 era.

He is running for reelection in 2022 to continue this momentum and ensure that the future of Grover Beach combines the best of our history with all of the great possibilities that lie ahead.

What does Daniel Rushing stand for? See his thoughts on the issues below!

Housing Affordability

Acre by acre, Grover Beach is the most densely populated city in our county. We don't have the option to simply grow out. While this is in no way unique to Grover Beach, housing affordability weights heavily on our residents. The City has many tools at its disposal to help increase the stock of affordable homes in our city, but can do so much more. From mixed use, affordable-by-design units, to ADUs and subdivisions, infill development will be crucial to making Grover Beach an affordable piece of paradise on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Street Repairs

While we are making great progress toward K-14’s promise of revitalized roads, I will work to help ensure the project continues to move forward within budget and on schedule. In addition to that, I will support measures to help ensure that our newly rehabilitated streets are maintained properly going forward so that we don’t find ourselves needing additional measures like K-14 in the future.

Business Development

We are on the edge of cascading growth for business in our community. From new mixed-use retail/residential developments on the west end of Grand Avenue, to our new co-work space the "Launch Pad", or our growing industrial and cannabis industry, business is coming to Grover Beach because we are ready for growth and the city is ready to help make it happen.

It is my goal to help Grover Beach grow, to bring more well paid jobs to our community and to see our city take a strong next step into a bright economic future.

Walkable Communities

With new higher density housing options, smooth streets and a vibrant West End retail sector,Grover Beach needs to bring all the pieces together is to make our city more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. We've come a long way in the past few years, but there is still so much more to do. Support for sidewalk infill projects, especially around our community's schools, protected bicycle lanes and improvements to our crosswalks across our major streets can help tie together all the improvements coming to our city and help create a closer community.

Who's supporting Daniel?

Check out our constantly growing list of local endorsements!

  • Anna Miller, Grover Beach City Council Member

  • Central Coast Labor Council

  • Dawn Ortiz-Legg, SLO County Supervisor

  • Dawn Addis, Morro Bay City Council Member and State Assembly Candidate

  • Democrats of San Luis Obispo Club

  • Don Stewart, Trustee, LMUSD

  • IBEW 639

  • Jeff Lee, Grover Beach Mayor

  • Jimmy Paulding, Arroyo Grande City Council Member and incoming SLO County Supervisor

  • Karen Bright, Grover Beach Mayor Pro Tem & Council Member

  • Kassi Dee, Grover Beach Parks and Recreation Commissioner

  • Mariam Shah, Grover Beach City Council Member (Ret.)

  • Rachel Mann, Grover Beach Planning Commissioner

  • Robert Robert, Grover Beach City Council Member

  • SLO County Democratic Party

  • South County Democratic Club

  • Susan Funk, Atascadero City Council Member

  • Yessenia Echevarria, Community Organizer/Latinx Advocate

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