Standing strong for Grover Beach

At all times, but especially in these times, we need leaders who listen, learn, and are open to honest conversations about our future as a community. In the coming months and years, Grover Beach will face many challenges recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, while still maintaining the services and supports we expect from our city.

I would like to represent you as we face those challenges together.

As a member of the Grover Beach City Council, this would be my commitment to you... I will listen. I will be both thoughtful and rational. I will make decisions based on input and careful consideration. I will work toward increasing community activities for residents of all ages, but especially for our children and seniors. I will work to protect our natural resources. I will work to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community have shelter and a place to call home. I will plan for our future, while working to ensure we can thrive in the present, and I will keep the safety of our community a part of every decision I make.

I will work for you, Grover Beach. I hope to earn your vote.

Who is Daniel Rushing and why is he running for City Council?

Who is Daniel Rushing?

I am a California native and 16 year resident of Grover Beach. My wife and I both grew up in Southern California and spent several years in the San Francisco Bay Area before relocating to the Central Coast. After leaving Northern California, where I worked as a website producer during the Dot-Com bubble and burst of the early 2000’s, we chose Grover Beach as our new home where I have worked as a personal chef, restaurant manager, and for the past 12 years, as a wholesale distributor and sales manager to our awesome Central Coast restaurant community. Together, with my wife and daughter, I enjoy hiking, swimming, painting, cooking and a good conversation. Keep an eye out for me and my dog (Albus) as I walk our streets on the campaign trail. I’d love to hear your stories, learn what makes Grover Beach home for you, and what you think needs to change in our city!

Why is he running for City Council?

I am running for Grover Beach City Council because I believe our city is at a crossroads. We are ready to grow. We are ready to support a thriving downtown retail, restaurant, and tourist economy, but it’s essential that we keep the individualistic spirit that has defined us since the foundation of our city. We also find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic that has crippled much of our local economy and made many of us re-evaluate our priorities. I am running for Grover Beach City Council because I believe I can help our city recover from this crisis. I believe I have the vision and temperament to help lead our city through these dark times and to see us through to a vision of increased prosperity and community in the years to come.

What does Daniel Rushing stand for? See his thoughts on the issues below!

Covid-19 Support & Recovery

From small business grants to expedited approvals of permits for helping our businesses adapt to the ever changing realities of our world, I will support and pursue any and all initiatives designed to help support and promote our local businesses as they work to weather the storm that is the Covid-19 pandemic.

Street Repairs & Maintenance

While we are making great progress toward K-14’s promise of revitalized roads, I will work to help ensure the project continues to move forward within budget and on schedule. In addition to that, I will support measures to help ensure that our newly rehabilitated streets are maintained properly going forward so that we don’t find ourselves needing additional measures like K-14 in the future.

Business Development

I believe that our community would benefit from a more robust retail and restaurant district. The western blocks of Grand Avenue could, and should, be developed to support more mixed-use buildings for a more vibrant commerce area, which would attract more of our regional neighbors and tourists to come spend their time and money in the Grover Beach economy.

Safety in Our Community

As we grow, the safety needs of our community will be more important than ever. We need to make sure that our emergency services are funded to ensure they have the resources they need to keep us all safe and to make sure our Police Officers and Firefighters have the training and leadership they need to best serve our citizens.

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